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Solar Powered Water Pump

Amazing, Economical And Eco-friendly Garden Gadgets

Everyone yearns for have a beautiful garden with vibrant flowers and lush greenery but apart from these there are other things that can make your garden look unique and awesome. To give your garden that exclusive and extraordinary look that too in an economical and environment friendly manner, the market is flooded with a variety of gadgets that make give your garden that extra zing. There has been an increase in the different types of eco-friendly and renewable technology available. Many of the most splendid and trendy solar powered gadgets can be bought for the garden and used to completely transform the outdoor space according to your taste and choice and also used as gardening equipment thereby saving a lot of strenuous gardening work.

Solar-Powered Water Pump

Solar-Powered-Water Pump

The solar powered pump system holds gallons of water and is capable of spraying it at a high pressure. It is the most perfect gadget for sprinkling, hosing and watering, and the most beneficial characteristic of this pump is that it does not need electricity.

Robotic Solor Hybrid Lawn Mower

robotic lawn mower

Lawn mowing – “what a boring thing to do.” Ask anyone and this is the reply you get. Everyone would be eager to buy a lawn mower that could mow the lawn by itself. There are Automowers available in the market that do just that by utilizing the power of the sun and battery as it autonomously trims grass. The Automower is restricted to one’s own yard by perimeter wire installations so as to not wreak havoc on the neighbor’s yard. While you are out somewhere enjoying your vacation or attending to other activities, the Automower cuts irregular swaths of grass to ensure that your lawn is uniformly cut.

Lanterns And LEDS

solar lantern

Lighting your garden in a stylish and exotic way is now not a very difficult thing to do. When people talk about solar-powered outdoor lighting, the most common thing that comes to their mind is simple plastic bulbs that are staked in the ground but this is not so. There are much more fascinating options available like the solar powered garden lanterns that recreate the timeless, warm feel of a flickering outdoor candle, and outdoor LED fairy lights that can be used to completely cover and wrap around trees, bushes and plants to create a beautiful outdoor landscape that is romantic and mesmerizing. However, one of the most interesting lighting options available is the solar insect theater. These interactive gadgets attract the flying insects with light and illuminate them. The enlarged shadows of the insects impart an interesting and unique character to your garden.

Solar-Powered Water Features

solar water feature

“What’s a garden without a water feature?” But just the thought of installing a garden water feature can be discouraging as well as the economic viability, finding a suitable power outlet and having wires trailing around the entire garden can become a nightmare. But the solar-powered water features eliminate installation problems and the best part is they need very little maintenance. Being solar powered does not minimize their capability of producing much more than just a sputter of water. There a wide variety of water features like cascading, shooting and sprinkling solar-powered water features available in an array of stylish designs that are suitable for any garden.

Solar-Powered Garden Gnomes

solar powered garden gnomes

Another way to make your garden lively and tacky is by fitting your garden with solar-powered garden gnomes. A wide variety of these are available in the market which feature gnomes carrying lanterns, shining spotlights or are just plain glowing that can be used to enlighten the garden path at night after soaking up the sun all day long.

Solar Power Rodent Repeller
Solar Power Rodent Repeller

Lastly to ensure that your magnificent garden is not harmed by rodents, utilizing a solar power rodent repeller would be an appropriate option. These excellent little solar devices have a battery built in that charges itself using the sun’s rays. Powerful sonic waves are produced at 20-40 second intervals which in turn scare off rodents in the surrounding 4,500 square foot area. This product also eliminates the usage of harmful toxins, which are generally used to keep away rodent inhabitants. The internal battery is recharged by sunlight collected through the solar disk protruding toward the sun thereby saving electricity.

So go ahead and take the plunge to design a unique and magnificent garden of your choice with these awesome garden gadgets and you will never regret it.

Rachel Mills is an environmental enthusiast and an avid blogger. She writes informative post about green technology, gardening and eco-friendly living. She suggests her readers to visit hopesgrovenurseries.co.uk for some excellent gardening tips and advice.

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