TruLink Wireless USB to VGA

About the TruLink Wireless USB to VGA kit

The TruLink Wireless USB to VGA kit allows a user to easily connect a computer or laptop with a USB port to a VGA projector, monitor or television and an accompanying speaker system utilizing Ultra-Wide Band technology for a signal up to 30 feet away. TruLink makes their product fairly easy to set up, if your computer meets the proper hardware and software requirements. Simply insert the USB transmitter into a computer and the VGA receiver into the display and stream video wirelessly from any location. The kit also includes 3.5mm audio signal for connection to laptops, music players, or most audio devices. For extra security, the TruLink Wireless USB to VGA kit features a Kensington lock port that one typically finds on laptops which helps to deter theft.

TruLink Wireless USB to VGA kit

The Pros and Cons

A simple set up makes this device ideal for conference and classroom settings as well as large scale presentations and event halls. The theft deterrent including is also a major plus, as one should always make sure expensive equipment is properly protected. Unfortunately, not all widely used devices are supported by this kit. The TruLink Wireless kit does support native high resolution images if the display allows, though it does not have HDMI support for 720p or 1080p projector or monitors, which have become very popular recently. Additionally, the TruLink Wireless kit requires drivers to be installed on all versions of Windows and does not guarantee support for Mac or Linux operated sources.The kit is able to support up to six computers one display and speaker system or six wireless display from one computer, which can be useful in larger sized settings. The use of this function does require the purchase of additional USB or VGA adapters depending on which set up you prefer, but these are sold individually through TruLink.

TruLink Wireless USB to VGA

The Bottom Line For TruLink Wireless USB to VGA kit

The TruLink Wireless USB to VGA kit is priced at $230 with a street price of around $170 through most retailers. Anyone with experience in education or conference room settings can tell you what a hassle it can be to set up a wired system that is hidden from view. This can easily require hiring a professional to ensure that the system is properly installed. The TruLink USB to VGA Wireless kit eliminates the need for any kind of complicated set up or ugly, hanging wires. It was designed for specific situations where wireless technology really is a necessity. For use in a home setting, this product is perhaps a bit too much but in any kind of professional environment, there is no other way to go.

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