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Who Am I?

I am Warren and I love reading blog that discussing about latest technologies, hardware, software, internet, gadgets as well as some meaningful reviews.

However, finding great tech blog or site that talk on stuff that I’m interested in can sometime be difficult. Generally, most of the voice in tech content writing often involves in certain hard selling stuff or something needing to sacrifice readers’ non-bias point of view. It’s sad but true. Nonetheless, this doesn’t necessary mean that all articles posted in this blog needs to be be incorrect.

As an amateur tech and gadget writer, of course I am not be able to write all articles to meet readers’ need. Nonetheless, I would try to recognize the audience and adjust the writing accordingly to gain their confidence and trust.

What To Tell in This Blog?

I am not able to go deeper into technology or internet stuff like other people do as I am just someone who love technology and just write during my free time to have some fun. If you need to know how a smartphone being built from scratch or how to setup a webserver for your own use, then you might come to the wrong place.

I am just a normal person who eat, sleep, and breathe like average Joe. I may only introduce to you of the tech products, but I am not going to help to look in deep on how it works nor explore the theories that eventually making them out.

While it is make sense that you may have something to tell or something that you disagree with what being tell in this blog, you are free to leave a comment about the blog as you wish. However, I still reserve the final right to either approve or disapprove of your comment. Like Voltaire once quote: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” !

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