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A Review of the 2 Main Satellite TV Players in the U.S.

Since the 80s, Satellite television has been a competitive industry, which consisted of a few powerhouses battling for the crown. This still exists today between the two giants of the Satellite business, DirecTV and Dish Network. Each of these television providers supply excellent products, both offering the best in satellite services. With high quality service and support provided each company has helped make home television entertainment an enjoyable past time. Although they both offer the same level of service each has its own distinctive backgrounds and technology.


Since the year 2006 DirecTV serviced around 16 million customers in the United States and 4.1 million clients in South America grossing around 14.76 billion dollars. A record like this doesn’t develop without offering great solutions. DirecTV has four receivers to choose from. Each designed to fit different lifestyles. The standard receiver is casual, and comes with 265 channels of digital picture and sound. The next level is the DirecTV DVR Plus which can record up to 100 hours of standard definition television, and let’s iPhone users browse digital TV guides and recorded programs on the go. The DirecTV Plus HD receiver is recommended for those HD television enthusiasts, it gives owners 400 hours of HD recording space, allows users to build their own channel guides, giving them complete control. Each receiver is energy efficient, with an Energy Star excellence certification.

satellite tv

Dish Network

With their first broadcast beginning in 1996, the DISH Network has made many triumphs in becoming a worthy competitor in the satellite television arena. In order to increase their network capacity, DISH purchased a substantial amount satellite broadcasting technology while continuously developing non-mainstream technology. Expanding its orbital real estate after purchasing ASKyB and MCI Worldcom in 1998, DISH Network created the DISH 500, displaying more than 500 channels on one dish. This dish technology was later joined by the DISH 1000 and the latest alternative, the SuperDISH. DISH Network’s offers a wide variety of receivers, each categorized into Standard, DVR and HD receivers. Standard receivers come in two models, the Solo 311 allowing users to view one independent standard television and the Duo 322 capable of using two standard television sets. DISH Networks DVRs and HD receivers are technology leaders in the television industry, offering up to 1 terabyte of recording space, and the ability to watch television on mobile devices. Having the flexibility of watching one program while recording another makes watching what you want when you want less stressful. Energy efficient, the multiple room viewing capability saves customers up to 50 percent in power consumption prices.

Which works for you?

As well as offering some of the best technology in the industry, DirecTV and DISH Network offer great customer service satisfaction. Both DirecTV and DISH Network provide free shipping, free installation, free receiver technology, and no activation fees. There are a few noticeable differences such as DirecTV’s XM radio versus DISH Network’s Sirius Satellite radio and that DISH Network offers a six room installation package, while DirecTV offers up to four rooms and a 3D channel package. However, no matter how or why you choose your provider, these two leaders in home entertainment have made their mark and are well on the road to bettering the way society views satellite television.

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