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A Happy Virgin TV Customer

I have been a customer of Virgin TV for as long as I have been in my current home.  Of course it wasn’t called Virgin then, but Virgin TV took over the company that were supplying me with the myriad of channels that kept the children entertained and the (now ex) husband supplied with more football and sports channels than he could possibly watch.  Now, ten years down the line things have changed.  The children have grown up and there is no husband anymore.

Changing Viewing Habits

Gone are the days when the TV was on at all hours to catch a certain football match or other sporting event.  No longer is the TV on all day to keep small children amused.  I am so out of touch with children’s programming now it’s ridiculous.  In fact it is very rare for the television to be on during the day at all.  I have changed the bundle of channels on and off over the years to cater to the needs of family, when money has been tight the subscription has been cut back and when money has been less of an issue the bundle of channels were increased again.

Virgin TV

I have always found that when I have had to contact Virgin they have been very helpful and often chatty, not just focussing on the hard sell or simply going through the motions that other customer services seem to do.  I have to admit that the automated menus and recorded messages are very annoying and can sometimes seem endless, plus the music or messages that you hear when you are on hold can drive you to distraction, but I know that when I get through to the right department there will be a human voice on the other end of the phone that will listen to me and help me.

Back to Basics

At this moment in time, after another call to the people at Virgin TV I have gone right back to square one with just the basic channels.  It’s all I need now.  The children regularly come round with DVD’s they think I will enjoy and to be honest that’s enough for me.  I don’t need to be paying for something I have no intention of using and the people at Virgin seem to understand this, and have always been happy to chop and change my television bundles when I ask.  They have always turned up on time when they have had to come out to look at the set top box or even replace it and install a new one for me.

Compared to other services that I subscribe to like the gas and the electric Virgin give me very little to complain about.  So now when I sit down to watch the evening news or catch up on a soap opera I don’t have to wade through dozens of useless and expensive channels, I have what I want where and when I want it.  I am also reassured by the fact that should anything go wrong with the box or if I need to add the sports channels again (you never know) I can get everything done with a simple phone call to a human being on the end of the telephone.

Do you know what Virgin TV package best suits your needs?  Do you want the basic channels?  Movie and sports?  Or maybe you want broadband included?  Digital TV Advice can help you compare the packages available.


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  1. A buddy of mine had it and said it was good.I was skeptical but oredred it.It’s great.Some stations the quality is not that good but most are.This software is streaming from different countries so stream direct is like the middle man.The music stations are awesome to.For $49.00 this is a steal.I dont see what people are complaining about

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