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7 Social Media Trends for 2014 That You Must Know

When looking at social media, one can see that things are in a constant flux. Now, this is not something that is necessarily bad. However, it is wise to understand this and look to the future. With this, one can develop their campaign and gain more eyes. Here are seven social media trends for 2014 that you must know.


Now, when thinking of social media sites, it is easy to think of Twitter and Facebook. While this has been true, times are changing. In fact, in 2014, people should expect to see Google+ do well and improve. To take advantage of this, an entrepreneur should use Google+ start building his or her campaign now.

Back to basics:

In the beginning stages, some people started posting five or six times a day. This was a mistake as nobody likes spam. For this reason, in 2014, smart entrepreneurs have already started to tone down their campaigns.


Companies like Melaleuca have been slow to incorporate videos into social media. This should change as most people have fast connections with capable software and hardware. When making the right videos, one can succeed in getting people excited.

Real followers:

It is easy to gain thousands of fake or unreliable followers. It is quite another to find people who have a true interest in the business. Luckily, some people have caught on, and many others realize that it is wise to find quality followers who like the product.

More engagement:

It is easy to let things get out of hand while on the Internet. With open forums, some people can spout off crazy views. On the other hand, in 2014, there will be more engagement with a little more censorship. With this, viewers will not have to sift through negative and hateful comments.

Well rounded:

As mentioned, people will start using Google+ more in 2014. Not only that, others will start to use multiple campaigns. Gone are the days of having Facebook and Twitter and calling it a day.

Unlock content:

With social media, a company can offer more to its customers. In fact, when giving followers more incentives, they are likely to stick around and engage with the business. For this reason, in 2014, more firms will start forcing users to use Facebook and Twitter as a way to access the company.

It is not easy to have a great social media campaign. But, when following the trends, one can do well with their social media accounts.

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