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6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be Scared Of 3D Printed Pistols

You’re probably scared because there has been a lot of talk about 3D printed pistols recently in the news. Apparently they are going to take over the world and we will all be killed. People are sitting in their basement right now plotting how they can shoot anyone they don’t like.

You shouldn’t worry because the rumors are not true. Plastic pistols are not about to take over the world and they never will. If you want to find out why we can look at some of the reasons why you have more chance of being killed by a plastic spoon.

It will fall apart

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What do you think happens when you fire a gun? It gets very hot and you can’t go anywhere near the barrel. If a gun is made of plastic the heat will deform it until it’s impossible to use again. All of the main parts inside a 3D pistol are plastic, so you know it’s not going to end well. I know it only takes one shot to kill someone, but 3D pistols won’t become popular when they only last a few shots.

It’s not going to be cheap

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If someone wants to print a plastic pistol they won’t be able to do it on the printer they bought at the local computer shop. It will cost them a lot of money to buy a proper 3D printer. They could buy one of the basic ones that retail at just over a thousand dollars, but can you imagine the quality of the final product if they print it out using bottom-of-the-range equipment?

It’s not scary

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Most people don’t have the guts to shoot anyone. They will attempt to rob a stranger with the aid of a pistol, but they won’t pull the trigger. If someone is holding a gun up to your head it won’t matter if they are afraid to pull the trigger or not, because you won’t want to take any chances. If someone pulls out a 3D printed gun you will think it’s a child’s toy, so a mugger won’t be able to use it unless they are prepared to shoot you.

People will go to jail

If someone wants to kill another person they could go and buy a real gun. If they print out a 3D one they are risking serious jail time and that is before they even shoot anyone. There will obviously be exceptions because some people will want an untraceable weapon, but the biggest majority of potential killers will stick with a tried and tested steel pistol.

First time lucky

Would you have the guts to shoot someone with a pistol that can only fire one bullet? What if you missed and the target came running towards you. There is a good chance they will kill you because they are trying to protect their life. Most people won’t want to risk shooting you with no backup plan because they will be too scared to suffer the consequences.

It’s not exactly accurate

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We’ve talked about only being able to fire one bullet at a time and it gets worse. There is no way to test whether or not a 3D pistol will fire the bullet accurately. How accurate do you think a 3D printed plastic pistol can really be? If you wanted to shoot someone you would need to get as close to them as possible or the bullet might end up going in the opposite direction.

Are you really scared?

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3D pistols sound great in theory if you’re a deranged killer, but as you can see there is no reason to be worried. Someone could print out a pistol and shoot you, but they could also buy a hammer from a hardware store and hit you over the head with it. If you still have any worries please let us know what they are.

Today’s guest author, Mike Ross, is an accountant at Spice Digital Imaging, a digital printing firm based in Australia. He is a warm person. When he is not working he is seen spending time with his family and friends.

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