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5 Ways To Get The Best Band Members With Social Media


Finding new members for your band is far from easy and can test the patience of saints, and most of us are certainly not that way inclined. Back in the day you could place a few ads in the local newspaper and you’d soon have a bunch of hopefuls knocking on your door. So when you decide to try using social media instead, why doesn’t it seem to get any decent results? Well, you need to use these platforms in a particular way if you really want the best people for your group. Here we’ve listed the 5 most important methods you can use and detailed exactly how to go about putting them into action.

1. What are your requirements?

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It is always a good idea to work out your needs before you start to look for new talent, every group is unique and one size does not fit all. Speak with the current band members and do a little brainstorming to find out the perfect list of requirements. You will probably have a few differences of opinion, but that’s healthy and normal. Work out how experienced you would like the new guy or girl to be, age, sex and personality, they all matter. Lay down some ground rules and then you can start looking for the new member with a little added purpose.

 2. Start networking!

As well as placing ads on Facebook and starting a new Hashtag on Twitter, you can give YouTube a look. Apparently Prince found his drummer on this huge platform, so why not see what or who is out there? If nothing else, you’ll see some pretty cool content and may pick up a few style pointers along the way. Set up a new profile that is just for audition content and ask your social buddies to share the news amongst their own communities.

 3. Pre-screening works!

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Once you start to get some likely responses, use the power of social media to pre-screen these good people. Ask all of the right questions and see if they are keen or simply timewasting divas. If they are in a band already, check out the skinny on that outfit and see how they look when performing. Most bands absolutely love using social media, so loads of them will have an easy enough trail to follow.

 4. Audition details

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Use your social media to centralise the audition details, ensure that you have a steady stream of applicants turning up on the big day. Try to have a little gap in between and allow an hour for each musical interview. Ensure that each person has a list of tracks to learn well in advance. Use the audition to see how they roll and make notes of the style and musical talent on display.

 5. Other details

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If you are looking for several new members, think about leaving the singer until last. It is far easier to get a guitarist or bassist to fit in with your style, but the vocalist won’t be that interested unless your band sounds as tight as possible. Never audition for more than one spot at the same time, train crash comes to mind!


Follow these 5 simple tips and you’ll soon be booking that European tour that you’ve always dreamed about – Good Luck!

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