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5 Tricks Of Whatsapp Which You Should Definitely Know

Whatsapp the revolution in messaging apps is used by millions of people today, from the day of launch and till date there have been many changes and updates in this application. After huge response from audience for this app the social networking giant Facebook acquired it.


People have switched to Whatsapp to save their cost on mobile charges for SMS, Whatsapp uses 2G, 3G, Wi-fi for communication. With Whatsapp you can not only chat and create groups but you can also send picture messages and videos. Also, you can make quotes of love or friendship through the apps like Whatsapp Status Geek does. Now Whatsapp has gone a step ahead by introducing voice calls now you can call to any Whatsapp number all you need in just internet connection.

There are no boundaries for Whatsapp, we can send messages from Whatsapp to anywhere in the world. Everything is good but there are some tricks in Whatsapp which when used will make the application more useful, let us see 5 tricks of Whatsapp which will make you happy.

1) Restore and Backup your conversations

Backing up of your conversations is automatically done by Whatsapp and they are stored in SD memory card, you can find them in (sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases).

You can also do manual backup, below are the steps for iOS and Android:

  • iOS Users : Settings > Chat Settings > Chat Backup
  • Android Users : Settings > Chat Settings > Backup Conversations

You can also get a backup of individual chats just tap and hold on the chat or you can also open chat and go to Settings > More > Email Conversation and all the chat will be e-mailed to the registered e-mail ID and if you have accidentally deleted your Whatsapp chat then you can restore all the chats by Uninstalling and Re-installing Whatsapp you will get an option to restore previous messages.

2) Hiding Last Seen

When you open Whatsapp all the messages which you received when you were offline will get a time stamp and some people want to get rid off this feature, to avoid this feature follow these steps

  • iOS Users : Settings > Chat Settings > Advanced > Turn Off Last seen Timestamp
  • Android Users : Go to settings > Account > Privacy > tap on Last seen > choose Nobody

3) Avoiding Whatsapp files to Appear in Gallery

The images and videos which you get on Whatsapp will be shown in Gallery of your mobile but this option could breach your privacy and many people have photos and which cannot be shared by others, to stop this annoying thing just follow these steps

iOS User: Settings > Privacy > Photos and turn off WhatsApp

Android Users:

Install ES File Explorer from play store
Create a new file named “.nomedia” inside WhatsApp images or videos folder by clicking on the ‘+ New’ on lower left corner

4) Getting Desktop Notifications

People who are addicted to Whatsapp can use this feature, it is always impossible to check phone again and again for this problem desktop notifications are available . To get notifications on desktop download an app called Pushbullet and install extension for Chrome or Firefox depending on your browser.

5) Locking Whatsapp

Privacy is very important these days and everybody has some pictures or videos which cannot be shared by family and friends, you can lock Whatsapp with this App Lock app.

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