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5 Tips on How To Choose A Colocation Facility

As your business grows, your IT requirements change. Austin colocation services make this process painless. Data centers have changed over time, causing older ones to become obsolete. Your business needs a data center that will grow with You. The average data center is nine years old, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC). With larger companies exhausting their IT capacity within the next 18 months, it is imperative to have an Austin colocation service that is up to today’s and the near future’s standards.

Step-By-Step Growth

Austin colocation services grow with your business by taking a step-by-step approach. Scalable cages and data suites, along with customizable power and cooling, allow colocation services in Austin to easily integrate your business’ data over time. This is a more effective approach than what previous  data centers utilized. The typical process of upgrading a company’s infrastructure includes standardization/consolidation, virtualization, automation and security.


Reducing cost is a major benefit of using an Austin colocation service. It allows the company to grow while saving on overhead. By using an Austin colocation service, you can reduce the amount of hardware, software, processes and tools required for the day-to-day operations of your business. A colocation facility handles the consolidation of equipment and replacement of aging equipment to increase your company’s performance and capacity. Using standardized networking and computing platforms allows your management to function more smoothly.


By using an Austin colocation service, you get the benefits of virtual hands, allowing your employees to focus on their area of expertise. With Virtual Hands, you can lower the capital on your business while reducing energy consumption. According to Lazard Capital Markets, “48 percent of enterprise operations will be virtualized by 2012”.

Automation and Security:

Automation does not mean a reduction in the number of people working for you. It means your employees can complete computer-based projects more quickly and efficiently. Austin colocation services offer your company the much needed resource of IT workers. Many companies today find themselves lacking the experienced IT specialists they need to stay up and running without a hitch. A data center brings this aspect to your company, no matter its size.

Austin Colocation Services Features:

  • Retail rental on a contract term.
  • Networking connectivity using Blended Internet and Cross Connection.
  • Security measures that use both physical and virtual systems (Video Surveillance, Biometric Access, Badge Access).
  • Real time monitoring of all facility functions.

Most modern data centers install virtual systems that work with current security measures to keep your data secure. Austin colocation services offer physical security, data security and network security to keep your company safe from threats such as hackers and disasters. Austin data centers provide private networks of fiber optics to keep your company connected at all times. This allows you to make critical decisions without losing

Jim Black is an Austin, TX native, and loves to write about local businesses. Jim is an avid blogger of Austin Colocation and Data Center needs for many online journals and magazines.

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