5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Quit Your Job If You Want Your Blog To Be Successful

When you start your blog you might be thinking you’ll be able to quit your job in a few months, but the truth is that hardly anyone will get anywhere near the income level required in such a short amount of time. People will tell you to save up some money and concentrate 100% on your blog because working on it for twelve hours per day is the only way to succeed. Those people are totally missing the point and have probably only had success blogging about blogging using advice they made up in their head.

Time is obviously important and you will get a lot more done working on your blog full-time, but money is more important and you can’t walk down to the park to grab some off the money tree. It could take years to see any real success and that means keeping your job and having your personal finances in order. We’re going to look at why being in the green and having money coming in is crucial if your blog is to make money quicker.

Wasting time on little things
How many hours do you think people spend on their blog each day? Now think about how many hours is necessary taking into consideration how easy it is to hire someone to do the work for you. There are not many things we need to do ourselves and sometimes wasting time on the little things is not worth our time. Not when you can outsource it to people who can do the same job you can while letting you get on with the important things. You can’t hire someone with no money.

Scaling a PCC campaign
You have probably heard than search engine traffic is the greatest thing in the world and that is true, but only once you are actually getting traffic. When you’re just starting out it’s not too easy to build up a decent following by building backlinks. When you start paying for traffic they come to your website instantly. The traffic is also much more targeted which means it will convert better and you will start making money, but first you have to spend it.

Right frame of mind
It’s a lonely world out there sitting in your bedroom with no money coming into your bank account. As the weeks and months pass it can really take its toll on you. When you have money coming into your account it feels like the greatest thing in the world. You won’t get stressed and you can actually enjoy your blogging. The fun gets sucked right out of it when you start getting desperate and you can start doing stupid things that might damage your site.

Taking big chances
Every so often you get an opportunity that falls down from heaven and lands on your lap. Those sorts of chances don’t come around all too often and you need to be able to seize them. Opportunities usually come with a price tag and when you have the finances available to throw money at it your success will obviously increase. When you’re sitting around twiddling your thumbs and passing over the chance to jump on them you will feel terrible.

A river that doesn’t run dry
Everyone goes through dry spells where they don’t see any improvements for a long time. You might be stuck at the same level for ages and when you run out of ideas you start to flap. How do you think you would get out of the dry spell without money? It really does open up doors and when you are stuck at a certain little bump in the ground it can help lift you over it. You don’t need to spend money all the time because everything might pick up, but at least you are ready when everything grinds to a halt.

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