5 Principles of Article Marketing that People Usually Forget

Is article marketing dead? Yes, most experts tell us that article marketing actually dead. It is useless. End of story. But why there are people that still using article marketing and succeed? Why article directories still able to update their content? If you think article marketing is dead, perhaps you’re failing too much with it. Do you know how to succeed in article marketing? Here are 5 principles of article marketing that people usually forget:

1. Consistent approach

Submit articles to article directories consistently. This is what will make your online business successful. Like updating content in your website, you have to consistently submit articles to article directories. Without consistent approach, you will have difficulty in boosting traffic to your website with your articles. People that submit articles consistently seldom have any failure with article marketing. Try it!

2. Don’t act like a salesperson in your article

People that stress too much over money are usually the ones that don’t get it. You know that you want to make money from your articles. Yes, your articles will send traffic to your landing page, which in turn will generate sales for your product. This is your main goal. But, be aware that if you’re stressing too much over money, you will turn your article into a sales-like piece of information. And it will turn off your readers, for sure. It will block your traffic. So, when writing articles for article directories, focus on giving information, not generating leads. You’ll generate leads on your landing page, not your articles.

3. Submit unique and original articles (not spin-offs or rewrites)

It is better to spend your time creating unique and original articles rather than rewriting existing PLR content. Why? When writing unique articles, you are free to express your thoughts, and you’re free to write articles according to your passion. When rewriting existing articles, you’re stuck with the content of the articles, which will make you stuck in your writing. Your style will look awkward and people will not want to read your content at all, even after you publish your articles to article directories. The result is failure in driving traffic to your website.

4. Article marketing is hard work

Yes, this type of marketing method is very hard to accomplish. If you think it is easy, you have a wrong mindset. This method involves writing and submitting articles to various article directories, blogs, web 2.0 platforms, and other sources of traffic. You need to write lots of articles each day, and you may burn your brain if you can’t control it. Most people only submit one article today, no article tomorrow, one article the next day, and so on. They lack passion. If you want this work to be easier for you, it is good to outsource it.

5. Don’t think that software can solve your problem

Article marketing is a time-consuming way to get traffic and generate sales. Yes, it needs mostly your time. You can spend 10 hours per day just to write articles. It’s good if you like writing articles. But, for those who don’t like it, what will they do? They usually resort to software, and there are many article marketing software available. Do they help them achieve their goal? No, software can’t do anything other than wasting your time. The time you’re spending with the software is better used for writing original articles.

Those are the principles you may forget about article marketing. Those principles are important if you want to succeed with article marketing.

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