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5 IOS Apps To Help You Healthier Food Choices

Exercise and regular workout is no doubt the best way to lose weight and maintain your fitness level. However, the role of food and diet cannot be overlooked as far as your weight and overall health is concerned. What follows is a list of five amazing iOS apps that you definitely need to download if you’re looking to bring about a positive change in your eating habits!

Lose it!

lose it
lose it

As the name of the app implies, Lose It! helps you lose something that you won’t mind losing at all – some weight! Yes if you’re looking to get rid of some of that body fat, Lose It! is the app you’re after. Here is a superb app that helps you lose weight in a rather healthy and manageable way. Lose It! gets straight to the point by letting you set up a weight lost loss program to suit your desired needs and weight loss goals. Put in your current weight and the app will design a routine for you to help you lose weight and remain within your calorie budget. The app also has a calorie tracker and a barcode scanner to see how nutritious the food that you consume is. If you need more, the app even features a helpful community forum where you can interact with others working on their weight, and get motivation from them to keep you going.

Whole Foods Market Recipes

food market

Having some guests over tonight? Wondering whether you can whip up a healthy preparation with the limited ingredients that you have at home? If yes, maybe you should consider looking up Whole Foods Market Recipes on your App Store! Just enter any three ingredients that you have on hand and the app will quickly search a recipe for you with those ingredients.  Even if you want to try out a few random combinations, the sky is the limit! The best part is that you can search for recipes according to different categories such as course, budget, quick and easy, kid-friendly, as well as special diets which include dairy-free, low-fat, high fiber, gluten-free, and so on. This app works great if you’re a tad health-conscious, and is also terrific if you’re looking to cook for vegetarian guests who are allergic to gluten, high fiber, and so on – perfect!



If you’re really serious about shedding a few pounds, Fooducate is one app that could help you get there. Fooducate is an invaluable app that can prove to be your ultimate companion during your visit to the grocery store. The app focuses on helping you develop healthy eating habits by educating you about the food items that you pick up at the store. The app has a handy barcode scanner that scans the barcode on packaged food items while you shop, and lets you glean all the nutritional attributes of that item. The app rates every food product on a health grade from A to F, which is an algorithm specially developed by dietitians and nutritionists. This way you will know exactly how healthy and nutritious the food items that you’re buying are. You can weigh the pros and cons of each food item and then look for healthier options available.

Restaurant Nutrition

restaurant nutrition

Are most of your weekends reserved for exploring new restaurants in town? Worried about those huge amounts of calories you might be consuming by eating out? Well, not anymore! Thanks to the Restaurant Nutrition app, you can now know how nutritious your meal at the restaurant is. Yes, with this app you’ll know exactly how many calories and fats that huge chicken burger you’re munching on has. The app is loaded with plenty of up-to-date nutritional information on thousands of food items served at popular restaurants and fast food chains. The app will give you access to information such as fats, calories, carbohydrates, fiber, sugar, proteins, and so on present in popular foods that you eat. So if you’re watching you weight, this nifty app will remove all the nutrition guess work from the food that you order at your favorite restaurant.

Green Kitchen

green kitchen

Are you a vegetarian? Looking for some ultimate organic and tasty vegetarian food to maintain your weight and fitness level? Whether you’re looking to spice up your vegetarian lifestyle, or even if you’re just having some vegetarian guests over for dinner, Green Kitchen is the ultimate destination for some inspiration! Green Kitchen is an incredibly useful app that has plenty to offer for vegetarians in the form of mind-blowing recipes, photos, shopping lists, step by step cooking instructions and much more! The app is packed with over 90 handpicked premium recipes, as well as an impressive variety of snacks, main courses, as well as health drinks. Users can also lay their hands on recipes that are vegan, gluten-free, raw, and sugar-free. So if you’re up for some healthy and tasty green recipes, Green Kitchen is the app to consider!

The contributor of this article is Max D’Souza, an employee at HCG Blue Bottle, providers of best weight loss drug. Max is a baseball fan and tries to go to every Pirates home game.

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