5 Developments NASA Has Given The World

If you watch si-fi movies, read books about outer space, or enjoy Star Trek, you will have been introduced to the marvelous inventions that space travelers have access to. We hope that with the scientists striving to conquer space, they will uncover some new technologies, and enable us to leap forward in technology with fantastic new inventions. NASA has been involved in technology advancement for many years now, but what has it actually given us? Below are some of the marvels of the modern world we can thank NASA for.

Super insoles

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If you own a pair of running shoes the chances are that you have benefitted from the space programme. Companies that make trainers have been using space technology since the 1970s for their trainers. The technology is developed from moonboots that gave astronauts some added spring. The fact that trainers are now so efficient at absorbing impact is directly attributable to NASA, and some shoe companies have developed the idea further to make the impact bounce back to the wearer.

Scratch resistant Glasses

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When plastic was first used to make glasses there was a problem that needed to be overcome; luckily space travel was presenting a similar problem to the NASA boffins. Plastics of the time were highly susceptible to damage, and something needed to be done about it; this was why NASA started developing a coating to protect their equipment. This technology was adopted by glasses manufacturers and scratch resistant lenses were introduced to the public.

Water Filters

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Though NASA didn’t come up with the original idea for this, they were responsible for the development of filters using activated charcoal These filters were better at killing infectious agents in water, as well as bacteria. This NASA development has gone on to help millions of people enjoy clean water around the globe.

Ear Thermometer

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When you put one of these into your child’s ear it unlikely you will think of NASA, but their Jet Propulsion Laboratory helped develop them alongside a company Called Diatek Corp. They enable accurate body temperature readings to be made in 2 seconds using infrared radiation from the ear. This may not seem such a groundbreaking development, but when you think about the number of temperatures taken in hospitals around the world every day, you can see the huge benefit.

Super Paint

Most of us have had to apply a lick or two of paint to a fence or gate to protect it from the elements. However, NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center had to develope a paint to protect the Kennedy space center from corrosion and stress. That “super paint” is now being used to help protect bridges and heavy structures around the world.

These developments may not be the space related inventions that you want, and may not be as cool as a tele-transporter or eyesight giving visors; but you cannot deny that they have been useful. How many people wear glasses with scratch resistant lenses, or use a water filter? Millions of people have benefitted from these developments, but I I would still rather see a tele-transporter.

Cheryl Mollan, the author of this post, is an avid blogger and works for Omega Scientific Pty Ltd., well-known suppliers of microscopes. When she is not working, she is either practicing yoga or enjoying swimming.

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