5 Big Changes You Might See In The Mobile Industry Over The Next Few Years

Do you remember what it was like a few years ago when everything was so simple? Your mobile phone resembled a brick and you could use it to make phone calls. Nowadays the mobile industry is bigger than anything we could have imagined and it’s definitely going to get bigger. If you had to guess what was going to happen in the next few years do you think you’d be right? Let’s look at some of the changes that are just around the corner and you can see if you agree with them.

More companies will enter the market

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Do you know how hard it would be for someone to enter the mobile market at the moment? Some huge companies have been selling phones for years and that makes it hard for anyone else to squeeze their way inside, but what about massive companies that already have a huge customer base? Google is a perfect example of a company who have the power to compete and the Facebook’s and Twitter’s of the world won’t be far behind.

Some companies will dominate

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Just because more people will be entering the market doesn’t mean they will succeed. A lot of companies are really struggling at the moment and it’s likely they will never be the same again. You only need to look at Nokia to see how a giant can crumble. Apple and Samsung will keep getting bigger plus a few more might squeeze their way in, but the rest will never become leaders in the industry.

Old carriers will lose more control

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Mobile carriers have had an easy ride over the last few years, but because of advancements in technology they are losing the control they once had. Why would you pay a lot of money to call someone when you can call them for free using Skype? There are apps coming out at the moment that are letting you send text messages for free. Just wait until a giant like Google comes along and tries to sweep them under the rug.

Mobile will become a broader term

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Mobile used to mean making phone calls when you were on the move. Then you could send text messages, emails, and take photos when you weren’t at home. Because of new technology coming to the market you will be able to do a lot more when you’re walking around. In a few years you will use your smartphone to switch off your lights, turn on your washing machine, and check your security cameras inside your home.

Old technology will make a comeback

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It didn’t take long before everything ended up packed inside your smartphone. Why would you take a camera out with you when you could take photos on your phone? Sooner or later you might be able to access the internet and make phone calls using your camera, plus it will take better photos than you could take on your phone. Smart watches and other devices will make a comeback when they end up getting packed with all the wonderful technology your smartphone has.

This guest post is written by Jenny Wadlow; she is a freelance blogger and often writes for Telephones Online, a leading phone system store in Australia. She enjoys reading novels of her favorite genre in her free time. You can follow her on Twitter @JennyWadlow.

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