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5 Awesome Apps For A Perfect Holiday

holiday apps
holiday apps

Planning a holiday with your family this summer? Taking your partner on a romantic getaway? Following is a list of 5 incredible apps that will give you the best holiday experience ever!


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Want to make your holiday as less touristy as possible? Want to stay away from typical and over-priced hotels? Looking for a more homely place to stay where you can experience the culture of the city you’re visiting? If yes, look no further than Airbnb. Airbnb is a revolutionary app that helps you look for unique, smaller, and more homely accommodations around the world. It is essentially a community driven app which connects you with other users who have spare rooms, apartments, or houses to rent. Founded in 2008, the app now boasts of more than 300,000 rooms, houses, and apartments listed on its site, which includes treehouses, boats, and even castles! So the next time you feel like abandoning all those overprized unappealing hotels, you know where to check in – at Airbnb!

Wi-Fi Finder

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Downloading an app that helps you locate Wi-Fi access might sound a tad futile initially, but you have no idea how useful this app can prove to be if you’re travelling or holidaying in a new city. Whether you need to send an urgent email to your boss, or you want to post images and updates from your holiday, or whether you run out of internet on your phone, or you need to download some handy apps on your phone, Wi-Fi is what you need. As the name suggests, Wi-Fi finder is an impressive app that not only locates Wi-Fi hotspots in your current area, but also allows you to search for Wi-Fi anywhere across the globe! Once the hotpots are located, the app allows you to filter your search as free or paid Wi-Fi, or the type of venue you prefer such as a restaurant, café, bar, and so on. The app will then provide you with contact details and directs to get to that hotspot. Overall, this is a great app to get hold of some internet and in the process, discover new chill-out zones!


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Enjoying a leisure vacation in an unknown city? Do you wish you had an app that would make exploring a tad easier for you? If yes, AroundMe is one app that will do the job for you. If you’re looking to explore the city and the areas around you, nothing will come in handier than AroundMe. This remarkable app detects your location and accordingly lets you know about points on interest located around you. The app allows users to select from categories such as restaurants, bar, supermarkets, bar’s café’s and so on. Once you select your categories, the app will list out all the businesses from the selected categories along with their distance from where you are located. Further, you can even check out the route and location on a nifty map – brilliant! Need we ask for more?


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Did you just go to a restaurant which served the best wine you’ve ever tasted? Did you find the service of the hotel where you stayed terrific? Did you just visit a bar that had the best ambience ever? Well, how about sharing these amazingly positive details with your friends and loved ones? Basically, Pingspot is an incredible app which allows you ping the places you have visited, and lets you leave photos and recommendations for your friends to follow. The app is literally like a virtual pin board that flags your favorite places. Right from bars to restaurants, to shops, hotels, and more, Pingspot is a great way to recommend and remember memorable businesses during your travels or even in your very own city.


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Are you in a mood for some wine before a romantic dinner with your partner? Want to chill with your mates over a few pints of beer? Well, that calls for a bar! DrinkedIn Barfinder is a fantastic app that will help you locate the perfect bar. Packed with listings of over 150,000 bars and pubs in it database, DrinkedIn is definitely one of the world’s largest social network for bar and drinking enthusiasts. The app allows you to go through bar and pub listings, reviews, network groups, videos, recipes, events, and much more, all contributed by users. What’s more, the app covers a range of countries such as USA, UK, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Australia, and many more!

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