Olympus FL-50 Flash

4 Things To Consider Before Buying Olympus Flash

Olympus Flash For Your Camera

Your off-camera Olympus Flash allows you to immensely improve the quality of your SLR pictures. I use an Olympus E-510, although you might have another camera, so replace Olympus with the model of your camera. I decided to buy the Olympus Flash FL-50 soon after I bought my SLR, and I immediately saw a large improvement in my photography. The reason for this was obvious: off-camera flashes, such as my Olympus Flash, grant you artistic versatility.

Olympus FL-50 Flash

There are tons of other off-camera flashes that you can attach to your camera. However, it is best to use the camera flash for your SLR make. It can cost more, but it comes with properties that some generic off-camera flashes will not have. And if you really want to have better photographs, using an Olympus Flash FL-50 with an Olympus SLR is advisable.

What properties should you keep in mind when buying an Olympus Flash? There are so many types of camera flashes, that it is quite difficult to immediately know if what you have is what you want. Below is a series of 4 traits that you must keep in mind.

4 Features to Consider When Buy Your Olympus Flash

1 – Dimensions: How big is your flash?. Usually, the larger the flash the brighter it is. This is extremely beneficial since it reaches further. However, this can also make it much more pricey. If you know for sure you will only take pictures inside your house, then you do not have use for a bright flash. But, if you will probably use it inside indoor arenas, then you will usually need a very strong flash. Tiny camera flashes do exist, and these are easier to carry around than the larger Olympus flashes, as it is easy to stuff in your pocket.

2 – Speed: What is the smallest shutter rate your Olympus flash will function at? The full image sensor must be exposed when the camera flash lights up. When your shutter rate is too fast, and your camera flash does not synchronize to it, then this does not happen, and your image will not be exposed correctly. This is partly a property of the camera as well, so always make sure to sync both of these features!

Olympus Flash

3 – Controllability: What kinds of controls do you desire? I generally like the ability to change everything manually, since this gives me added flexibility, and because I enjoy it. Make sure that you are aware of whether the camera flash is only entirely automatic, or has a manual configuration.

4 – Auto-focus: Do you need some infra-red for your camera? In very low light scenarios, your SLR might have trouble auto-focusing. Many SLRs have in built capabilities, in the form of infra-red. Other cameras don’t, and it may be worth reading to see if the Olympus Flash you want to purchase has this capability. My Olympus Flash FL-50 has this, and is a godsend since my SLR doesn’t.

If you keep these in the back of your mind, then the first Olympus Flash you buy will be productive. And once you get extra experience with camera flashes, you can always upgrade.

Hope this post able to help you to understand more on Olympus flash.

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