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4 IOS Apps Help Disabilities People To Be More Independent

You shouldn’t allow your disability to turn into melancholy. I know it’s easy for me to say, but it’s the truth. There are loads of people who live normal lives despite their disabilities. It’s because they took a conscious decision to stop feeling sorry for themselves they were able to achieve this. You too can do the same. With new technologies it’s become much easier for people to overcome their disabilities. Even something as basic as an iPhone can help you do this. It can completely change your outlook towards life and help you function more efficiently. Here are a few iOS apps that will remove the ‘dis’ from disable.

Learn Braille Alphabet

The Braille language has made reading and writing accessible to people without vision. You can still read the complete works of William Shakespeare if you wish to. You only need your imagination to picture the world that he has created, so the experience is the same. If you’re not familiar with the Braille language, then this app can help you. It eliminates the complexity of learning a new language with its easy and fun user interface. It has been designed keeping children in mind, but it’s just as useful to adults.

soundAMP Lite

Can you hear me? How about now?! You really need to do something about your hearing. A sharp hearing is required if you want to hear the things people say about you behind your back. This app converts your iPhone device into a hearing aid. Your friends will think you’re listening to music, but in reality you’re listening in on their conversations. It’s also useful for people with impeccable hearing who want to spy on other people’s conversations in crowded cafes. The world of spy craft and espionage is only one download away.

Voice Dream Reader Lite

You know Stephen Hawking right? He has an expensive speech generating device that allows him to express his thoughts despite his severe handicap. I know what you’re thinking, that you need to be a world renowned physicist to possess such a device, but you’re wrong. This app brings the functionality of the SGD to your iPhone. If you’re suffering from the same disability as Stephen Hawking and you want a porch lift for assistance, then this app can help you express your wishes. It may be an electronic voice, but they are still your words.

Tap To Talk

The previous app may be sophisticated and useful, but it still lacks a certain simplicity to it. It needs text to convert into speech which can be stifling at times. However, the ‘Tap to Talk’ app allows you to simply tap an image to express your wishes. This is useful in some cases that involve simple instructions. The app’s simplicity makes it easy for children to use it. This app and the one before it, provides a new voice to people who have lost their own.

Overcoming your disabilities takes patience and assistance. These apps will provide all the assistance you need. However, patience is something that no one can provide. Don’t give up, because you’re the only one who can save yourself from the depths of despair.

The author of this post, Jack Turner, is part of the management at Power lift Systems, a leading provider of wheelchair platform lifts. A tech savvy person, he tends to keep an eye on the latest developments of technology that help make life easy and comfortable.

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