3ccd Camcorder

What is a 3ccd Camcorder?

3ccd stands for the three dispersed charge coupled diplomacy. So a camera with 3ccd is camera with 3 CCDs instead of the common one. Each ccds in the 3ccd Camcorder are used for separated measurement of red, green, or azure light.

The nominal workings in a 3ccd Camcorder imaging system are:Light comes into a lens and then get rift by a trichroic prism gathering, the sends the lights to the appropriated ccds depending on the wavelength.A 3ccd Camcorder has better view property and resolution, rating above a one ccd camcorder. By sending red green and cerulean to the separated ccds make 3ccd Camcorder cameras achieve much better precision than free-CCD cameras.A one ccd camera has what is called a Bayer Filter, this only detects about a third of the colour information for each pixel. This means for the other 2 thirds must be what is called interpolated with a demosaicing algorithm to pack in gaps in the pixels, giving a worst valuable resolution that in a 3ccd Camcorder

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So how do you blend the 3 sensors n an expand camcorder? Simple, in the 3 next customs.


Composite sampling, where the three sensors in a 3ccd Camcorder are perfectly aligned to sidestep any colour interfering when recombining the information from the three colour planes


Pixel shifting, where the three sensors in these camcorders are shifted by a little of a pixel. After recombining the information from the 3ccd Camcorder sensors, superior spatial resolution can be achieved. Pixel shifting can be horizontal only to present senior horizontal resolution in any other camcorder that does not have, or horizontal and vertical to provide high resolution view using degree resolution imager for example. The alignment of the sensors in 3ccd Camcorder can be achieved by micro mechanical schedule of the sensors qualified to one another.


Arbitrary alignment, where the chance alignment errors due to the optics are comparable to or larger than the pixel range.Considering all the facts it can now be understood why a camcorder with 3 ccds are more classy than any other camcorder. 3ccd Camcorder is more strict with almost 3 time as many parts as mean cameras. To supply that high condition videotape in a 3ccd Camcorder requires better and more expand detectors, colour separation and beam splitters.

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A few 3ccd record cameras mean mentioning are:

The Sony DCR-VX2100 3ccd Camcorder. Features a 12x optical zoom, 2.5 shuffle pose. This Sony camcorder el for monitoring copy and playback – it provides a very brilliant picture even under a sharp sun.The Panasonic AG-DV100A 3ccd Camcorder. Features 24 frames, 10 optical zoom, 3.5inch exhibit.The Canon XL2 3ccd Camcorder. It has an athletic 20x optical zoom, 2 strut screens and many more features.
3ccd camcorder

Heaps of information can be found on Canon camcorders.

For another read on vacation 3ccd Camcorder, satisfy visit and read us again.So if you want to become a professional, dart that picture , you will expect a good camcorder, best you get a 3ccd Camcorder. Your professionalism will come with a price, but worth it. After all, you want to have fun making a picture, not put in all the hard work with a minus than good looking picture. Spend a bit more to make a bit more with 3ccd Camcorder.

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