3 Brilliant Security Projects From KickStarter

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It seems that nowadays we have to be more vigilant against thieves than ever before. Perhaps the recent recession has dictated that more individuals than ever have decided to take what they like from other people. But there has always been a sub-culture of scummy thieves in our country, so how can we fight back? Violence certainly isn’t the answer, and most of these crimes seem to happen before we know it. Maybe we should look at some technology inspired creations that are simply way too clever for those lowlife criminals. Well if you are worried about losing your valuable possessions in the future, we strongly advise that you take 5 minutes to read this article. We’ve got 3 excellent Kickstarter projects that would love to help you make those pickpockets and opportunist’s lives a real misery – Enjoy!

LOCK8 – The World’s First Smart Bike Lock http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lock8/lock8-the-worlds-first-smart-bike-lock


As the more eco-aware amongst us begin to shun cars for bikes, it seems that the cost of these two wheeled vehicles seem to be on the rise. We’ve started to demand some pretty cool bicycles and they do not come cheap. The thieves have picked up on this trend and are more than happy to take a few whenever they please. So let’s stop making it easy for them and introduce this bad boy to the equation. LOCK8 is incredibly smart and it doesn’t mind helping us with the current bike-centric crime wave. Once the device is attached to your cycle and the App is installed on your Smartphone, that’s where the fun begins. If anyone tries to tamper with this beauty, you will find out straight away. You even get a detailed account of what method they are using, whether it’s a blowtorch, hammer or a cutting object. The motion sensor will alert you if the bike is being moved and the GPS will tell you where your precious bike is being moved to. You can even choose the recipients of these alerts and you can rest assured that your wheels will always be safe and secure – We love it!

Clipless: Secure a phone to new surfaces, NFC Enabled! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/getclipless/clipless-secure-a-phone-to-new-surfaces-nfc-enable


Phone theft is probably the biggest cause of concern for most of us, these cool devices are far from cheap and they hold so much personal information. Another big issue that we experience is when we just forget the darn things and leave them on the bar counter or perhaps that busy restaurant table. So what is Clipless and how can it protect our dear little Smartphones? Essentially the Clipless product is a very robust aluminium based material that is secured to any surface, including clothing. And the connector is fixed to the back of your Smartphone. Once the two surfaces come together, it is extremely difficult to prise apart. You can release the phone with a small adjustment when required. This may sound a little weird but it totally works! You can even go for a bike ride or a jog and the phone won’t come away from your person. If you have lost your phone one time too many, embrace Clipless and you’ll be a happy bunny once more!

Buca Boot: Flexible, Secure Storage for the Urban Biker http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bucaboot/buca-boot-flexible-secure-storage-for-the-urban-bi

Buca Boot

If you are one of millions of caring individuals who have decided to use your bike instead of more conventional transport, we applaud you! But don’t you get a little ticked off with those nasty people who love to mess with your stuff when you’re on the move? You might also need a little extra storage for your commute or your next shopping trip, so say a big ‘Hello’ to Buca Boot! This device combines the flexibility of a conventional bike basket with the storage safety of a car trunk. You can fit a bunch of goodies in this case and rest assured that it is totally weatherproof and extremely secure as well. You can even secure it to a bike rack in a way that blocks any lock access off until the bike is removed. A more handsome bike case we have yet to see and you’ll certainly see no more thieving going on when you park up!

Safe and Secure!

Okay, we are not suggesting that these 3 Kickstarter products will win the war against theft, but they will certainly win a few battles, and that’s a great place to start!

Jeremy Smith, the author of this article, works with, Express Locksmith, leading locksmiths in Montreal. He is an avid soccer fan and enjoys watching the games with his friends.

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