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11 Tips For Maintaining Security in Office

security camera

With the increasing level of crime, security is becoming an important consideration in all the spheres of our lives. If you are a business owner, then security in your office should be one of your primary concerns. If you are negligent, it won’t be long that one day you will find something missing. Still if you overlook the matter, one day you might end up losing thousands or even millions of dollars. But this shall not be the case if you take proper steps towards your office security. Here are some tips for you:

1. The layout of your office can contribute or hinder the chances of criminal acts taking place within the office. Access to your office should be controlled and limited. All backs doors should always be kept locked. The receptionist office should be such placed that no person can reach inside the office without passing through it.

2. Designate only a few trustworthy staff to open and close the office. The closing procedure should include checking restrooms and closets where people (having wrong intentions) can hide. Install electronic card access or biometric access systems at the entry point. It is also important to keep a note of the people entering and exiting. Do not leave the reception area unattended at any time.

3. Important documents should be placed inside a safe or kept in secured closets. Valuables like personal laptops, mobile phones, etc should not be left here and there.

4. Report suspicious people or activity immediately to the security guards. Don’t be fooled by well dressed individuals. Con artists will be good at creating a false impression.

5. Report dimly lit corridors, broken or flickering lights, broken doors or windows or those that don’t lock properly to the management as soon as you notice them.

6. If you bring personal items to office, like coffee mug, calculator, audio player, etc, mark them with your name’s initials or make any sign to make them easily recognizable in case of theft.

7. Ask employees to wear their IDs at all times so that any unauthorized person becomes visible. Ask every employee to clean and secure their desk before they leave for home.

8. Deliveries, if any, should be checked and handed to the concerned person and not left in the hallway or an unattended desk.

9. Install adequate lightings in parking lots and other outdoor areas for employee safety.

10. When working late in office, extra precautions should be taken. Lock doors and windows. Inform people about where you are.

11. Install security camera systems both inside and outside your office. The cameras will act as a control for criminal minded people. The CCTV footage can also be used to find out the convict, in case of any theft or other offense. There are many types of security camera systems available in market. They have different designs and operating style. Buy one that’s suitable for your purpose and suits your budget.

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