Enjoy a Smoke with Electronic Cigarettes

Avid smokers are usually pretty upfront about the fact that it’s more than just a nicotine high that they are after. There is something soothing and relaxing about smoking a cigarette. The nicotine gives you a little happy buzz, the calming effect of slowly drawing in all those breaths helps you unwind. But, as we all know, smoking can pose some serious hazards to your health. Cigarettes are a known carcinogenic and have been proven to reduce a life span from between 2-10 years, depending on the usage and other factors.

electronic cigarettes

Alternative to Tobacco Cigarrettes

For decades there really was not comparable alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes, but today there is. Electronic cigarettes are fast becoming the safer alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. A BLU cigarette offers many of the same things a tobacco cigarette does, but greatly reduces the risk.

If you have never heard of electronic cigarettes, they are an electronic nicotine delivery device designed to look and handle much the same way traditional cigarettes do. The device is battery powered using a lithium battery. The battery sends a charge to a cartomizer containing a tiny heating device and a special liquid that contains the nicotine. The eliquid is heated and converted to vapor, delivering the nicotine to the user. There are numerous manufacturers and websites where one can obtain electronic cigarettes.

There are many reasons why someone would choose an electronic cigarette over a traditional one, and one of the most common reasons is that they wish to reduce the health risks tobacco cigarettes present. With electronic cigarettes you automatically eliminate tobacco and tar from the equation. And, you have full control over how much nicotine is present.

Wean Off Nicotine

If you are turning to electronic cigarettes as a means to wean yourself off of nicotine, you will be pleased to know that it can help you accomplish that quite easily and successfully. It is generally recommended that you don’t quit nicotine cold turkey but start with an eliquid of about 18mg nicotine. From there you can begin a gradual reduction of the nicotine strength in your eliquid until you are completely nicotine free.

At that point you can continue to smoke your electronic cigarette using a nicotine free eliquid in the flavor of your choice, or give up all forms of cigarettes and smoking. Be sure to check with your physician before weaning yourself from nicotine to be sure your body is ready and achieve the best results.