electronic cigarettes

Enjoy a Smoke with Electronic Cigarettes

Avid smokers are usually pretty upfront about the fact that it’s more than just a nicotine high that they are after. There is something soothing and relaxing about smoking a cigarette. The nicotine gives you a little happy buzz, the calming effect of slowly drawing in all those breaths helps you unwind. But, as we all know, smoking can pose some serious hazards to your health. Cigarettes are a known carcinogenic and have been proven to reduce a life span from between 2-10 years, depending on the usage and other factors.

electronic cigarettes

Alternative to Tobacco Cigarrettes

For decades there really was not comparable alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes, but today there is. Electronic cigarettes are fast becoming the safer alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. A BLU cigarette offers many of the same things a tobacco cigarette does, but greatly reduces the risk.

If you have never heard of electronic cigarettes, they are an electronic nicotine delivery device designed to look and handle much the same way traditional cigarettes do. The device is battery powered using a lithium battery. The battery sends a charge to a cartomizer containing a tiny heating device and a special liquid that contains the nicotine. The eliquid is heated and converted to vapor, delivering the nicotine to the user. There are numerous manufacturers and websites where one can obtain electronic cigarettes.

There are many reasons why someone would choose an electronic cigarette over a traditional one, and one of the most common reasons is that they wish to reduce the health risks tobacco cigarettes present. With electronic cigarettes you automatically eliminate tobacco and tar from the equation. And, you have full control over how much nicotine is present.

Wean Off Nicotine

If you are turning to electronic cigarettes as a means to wean yourself off of nicotine, you will be pleased to know that it can help you accomplish that quite easily and successfully. It is generally recommended that you don’t quit nicotine cold turkey but start with an eliquid of about 18mg nicotine. From there you can begin a gradual reduction of the nicotine strength in your eliquid until you are completely nicotine free.

At that point you can continue to smoke your electronic cigarette using a nicotine free eliquid in the flavor of your choice, or give up all forms of cigarettes and smoking. Be sure to check with your physician before weaning yourself from nicotine to be sure your body is ready and achieve the best results.

Fluxgate Magnetometer

What Is A Fluxgate Magnetometer?

A Fluxgate Magnetometer is a tool for precisely measuring the ambient magnetic forces of a given point. Far more exact than premodern machines like compasses and magnetized balls, it detects magnetism precisely enough to allow for underground mapping of magnetic anomalies. These anomalies can represent mineral concentrations or rock faults, both of which can indicate undiscovered mineral wealth. Consequently, fluxgate magnetometers are often used in conjunction with gravity surveys in order to locate new mining opportunities.

Fluxgate Magnetometer

Magnetism and Electricity
Fluxgate magnetometers work because of a special property of electrical current: the production of a magnetic field. Electric current produces a magnetic field around wires that can be intensified by coiling the wires. On the other hand, a magnetic field can produce current in coil of wires. This principle underlies both the electric engine and the electric generator.

The Principles Behind the Fluxgate
The “fluxgate” is a ring-shaped coil that is designed to be oriented in a particular direction, called Hext by engineers. Half the coil produces a magnetic force pulling towards Hext, while the other half creates an exactly equal force pulling away from it. A “sensor coil” wrapped around the fluxgate will produce a current in one or two directions, depending on whether the total force in the direction of Hext is positive or negative. In completely magnetically inert conditions, like in deep space, the force pulling towards and pulling away should be exactly even, and thus the sensor coil will produce no current in either direction. On Earth or near another planet, on the other hand, the additional magnetism creates a flux in Hext, resulting in a small amount of current. This allows calculation of the ambient force towards or away from Hext.

Using a Fluxgate Magnetometer
Geologists can orient the fluxgate towards any direction that they wish to measure. By taking several measurements over a large area, they can triangulate exactly where any variations in the Earth’s magnetic field originate. These areas most likely have crystalline iron formations, a common feature of mineral seams and underground cavities.

Triaxial Fluxgate magnetometers can also be used from the air. In the air, specialized magnetometers use three fluxgates at once to measure all possible vectors of magnetism. They also use gimbals (pivoted supports) to keep the magnetometers oriented to the ground, regardless of the tilt of the plane. Flying over a large area creates tens of thousands of data points that a computer can crunch into a map of the underlying rock structure.

The Fluxgate Magnetometer Advantage
A fluxgate magnetometer cannot be replaced by any other tool known to the scientists. It can detect rock formations that are invisible to both gravitational and seismic methods easily. Particularly in comparison to seismic methods, a fluxgate magnetometer is incredibly cheap per square mile. For surveying a wide area for mineral wealth, a magnetometer is the correct tool suiting for the job. Even though there are various proton precision controlled magnetometers, no other instrument can work essentially like a Triaxial fluxgate magnetometer.

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contour camera

Contour Plus 2 HD – The Best Sports Video Camera in the World

contour video camera
If you’re on the search for an extreme sports camcorder that wont miss another of the actions as you snorkeling, skating, cycling, snowboarding, or zoom the path around the world then you’re likely to want to get the hands on the Contour ROAM2 waterproof camcorder.

sports video camera
With regards to shooting the facial skin paced action of all sports a regular camcorder simply isn’t outfitted to the work but the cool electronic gadget like this small camera is designed especially to fully capture quick movements. You merely need to connect the camcorder to your bicycle, helmet, or snowboard and then hit the button of instant on-record and it’ll catch every moment of the actions in glorious full hi-def quality.

contour hd video camera
Quality of the video camera is good, not really on par with a Hero 3 black, Contour 2, or other high end model, but it is fairly good. It does involve some low lighting noise, but it is far better compare to the noise generated from a Hero 2 sports camcorder.

Build quality of this camcorder is quite good. There’s some share with the rail technique, but otherwise it is extremely solidly built. The zoom lens rotation possesses detents at the primary stop points, and incredibly sound. Switches and buttons are of good designed and are tough enough to serve their purpose.

The video camera can be waterproof and weighs 5.4 ounces and procedures in at 4″ x 1.2″ x 2.2″ in proportions rendering it small and light which is adequate to add to virtually anything.

That is one of the cool camcorders and the grade of the video that it requires is astonishing. Additionally it’s also super cost-effective where the selling price is below $100.

contour hd video camera
Contour ROAM2 Waterproof Video Camera (Black)camcorder
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camera devices

Camera Device Could Aid Blind People

Much research has been conducted lately into technological usage of microchips and surgical procedures to help those suffering from many forms of blindness into gaining partial sight through prosthetic devices which mimic eye function, but researchers in America believe they have discovered a way to ‘trick’ the brain into producing visual images in around 40 million of those globally with loss of sight.

camera devices

Bending the biological laws of brain imagery

At present, it is only possible for able sighted people to produce pictures in their minds from personal life experiences they have physically seen, as the brain has to respond to the visual cues to make any kind of imagery in the mind possible. This is the primary reason why those who have been blind their whole life aren’t capable even of dreaming, as the brain has no visual stimulus of which to provide the alternate world we experience as we sleep.

The study conducted is still ongoing under the guidance of professor Michael Beauchamp, Ph.D., of The University of Texas Health Science Centre, alongside associate professor Daniel Yoshor, each with combined knowledge in neurobiology and neurosurgery respectively. The research has been elaborately named ‘Electrocorticography links human temporoparietal junction to visual perception’, and consists of manipulating the brain’s powerful image-generating ability via a neural mechanism to help those who are blind to visualise images in their minds after bypassing certain processes existing in humans with correct visual capacity.

How it Works

The device used on three volunteer patients with epilepsy aged between 18 to 47 is known as a ‘visual prosthetic’, essentially a webcam device attached to conventional eyeglasses which relays visual information captured within to a chip implanted in the brain, essentially bypassing the need for a working eye.

At present much work is required to truly figure out the relationship between brain activity and visual cues, with the stimulated illusion of a flash of light currently being transmitted only providing minimal image response, while in the future it is hoped heightened stimulation of the occipital lobe at the back of the brain which is responsible for mental imagery, will be able to perceive more advanced images, even if they are not actually there.

Beauchamp stated: “While much work remains to be done, the possibilities are exciting. This new study is a step toward our goal of better understanding visual perception, so we are better able to make a useful visual prosthetic”

More expansive trials are to be carried out, with the goal of creating more flashes of light by activating key areas of the brain, providing more useful images to those undergoing the procedure perhaps in the future.

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foldable bicycle

Back To School Technology

Advanced technology has become a normal way of life for us. I remember when I was at school nobody had mobile phones or laptops, and tablet PCs weren’t even an idea on the horizon. Todays children leave home for their first day of school with their school bags brimming with the latest tech, some useful and some a teacher’s nightmare, often ending in confiscation until the end of the school day.

As the new school year begins and with the latest technology available, teachers are going to have their hands full with children pulling out the latest gadgets during class time.

Laptop Computers


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Most children and teenagers these days have a laptop. From cute Disney computers to the latest notebook, these are lightweight and can easily be popped in a school bag for during the day. With Wi-Fi functionality, it means that these laptops can be used for noting down things rather than writing down class notes on a note pad, which has been the normal way for so many years.

This type of gadget is the way of the future and schools are going to have to start accepting technology as a new learning tool. Many teachers are gradually beginning to find these gadgets can be used well in an educational context but are also at the same time hoping they do not become too much of a distraction for students.

Tablet PCs/iPads


image source

iPads and tablet PCs have become an acceptable gadget in many places of work, and now with the start of the school year they are the new trendy must have tech for students. Even though these are very expensive gadgets, more children than ever will be heading off to school with their Wi-Fi enabled tablets in their bags. While these can be useful in the school environment when taking notes, they can also very obviously be detrimental. With tablets having 3G and 4G capabilities, children will be able to browse the internet and chat to their friends on social networks while in class and this will have to be closely monitored by the teaching staff.

Smart Phones


image source

From the latest Apple 4 to the new Samsung S3, more children will be arriving at school this year with smart phones. These phones give them phone call functionality, which is useful for parents to get in touch with them in emergencies (or just to know where they are!) but they are also able to access the internet, meaning they could be easily distracted as they will be communicating with friends rather than concentrating on educating themselves.

IPods and MP3 Players


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When was the last time you saw a teenager walking down the street without headphones strapped to their heads? These gadgets have become an accepted part of any child’s day, and have the ability to download and listen to music on the go. From the smallest iPod to the best MP4 players, you can expect to see them all around the schools this year.

Nintendo DS


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While these gaming consoles do not assist children with their school work, there are learning games available which can help children with problem solving skills, concentration skills and social skills. These games can be played through a Wi-Fi system, enabling children to play against each other using their own Nintendo DS consoles.



image source

The latest PSP is the newest gadget for any child, with gaming functions and the ability to instant message friends, update social media accounts, these gadgets will be roaming the halls with the children this year.

Memory Watches


image source

Another gadget which is increasing in popularity is the memory watches which offer children the ability to download information off the internet directly onto their watches, much like a USB stick. Keeping track of the time in a classroom has never been easier in the digital world and in addition these digital watches are stylish in design and less boring than looking at a school wall clock. The memory watch is also an ideal gadget for transferring documents, ensuring the child is always up to date with the latest schooling information. It may be worth the investment.

Foldable Bicycles


image source

For children who ride a bicycle to school or use their skate board to get to school, the foldable bicycle is the latest in design technology competeing with the regular means of transport. Lightweight in design, these bicycles fold up easily enabling the child to store them with ease when they arrive at school or home without any hassle, which means less fussing around before and after the school bell goes.

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Web Strategy

A Small Orange – Home Grown Web Hosting

In today’s competitive market, there is a new web hosting company launched almost every next month. These companies are launched with extensive marketing campaigns that promise excellent performance, reliable storage and professional technical support. But such companies are short lived; they perish just as easily as they emerge. The reason for their failure is their bad service and poor support. Such failures give a bad name to the entire web hosting industry and hence it becomes difficult to trust any particular service provider.

But one company has managed to gain the appreciation of its customers and maintain its reputation as a high end web hosting service provider. Yes, we are talking about “A Small Orange”.

  • No marketing gimmicks:

It is a common practice for web hosting companies to attach the word “unlimited” before any and every feature they advertise. The customers usually fall in this trap and when they realize the true meaning of unlimited they get disappointed. A Small Orange has taken a positive step to eradicate this false marketing. On the website of A Small Orange you will find all of the information true to the minutest detail. They tell you what you will get and not what you can hope for. Presenting a clear cut picture to the customer so that he can make an informed decision is the attribute of a wise service provider and in this field A Small Orange bags full marks.

  • SSD Driven:

For any website to succeed, it is extremely important that its customers experience no lag in processing speed and data retrieval. You might have noticed that some websites are painfully slow and you tend to lose interest once you realize that it takes forever to load a webpage. Such slow websites lose their audience very early and hence become a reason for the failure of the associated business. A Small Orange understands the need for speed and hence it employs solid state drives for data storage. Note that solid state drives are the fastest drives available today; they are about 300 times faster as compared to traditional storage systems. One thing is guaranteed, if you chose A Small Orange to host your website, you will never have any complaints regarding the loading time of your website.

  • Smart support:

Even though managing a website is not a rocket science but in today’s era of ever changing platforms it can be a bit confusing. For someone who is not well versed in IT services, even the simplest control panel can posses a huge challenge. For this reason it is extremely important that your web hosting service provider provides efficient and quick technical support.

A Small Orange has simplified the support process, if you find yourself confused or stuck at any point then all that you need to do is to send a ticket and your query will be answered within 30 minutes. Another advantage is that A Small Orange provides non-outsourced technical support hence you can be assured that your query will be dealt in the most professional manner.

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iphone panorama

Change The Direction Of The iPhone Panorama Feature

A hidden surprise

IPhone do not need any introduction. They have managed to garner a lot of appreciation for their new innovations and the various apps they introduce. iPhone always aim to bring something new to you and yet make it simple. The purpose is to make sure that everyone can use it and you do not find anything too complex. Perhaps that is the reason for their popularity. The only thing about ios is that it tends to take it for granted that people will figure things out and find it futile to state the obvious. That is the case with their panorama feature for the photos which at the first sight does not seem incredible but has a feature which is hidden from many. The panorama feature is available for the iPhone 5 or 4s so all the users can have more fun while clicking pictures of the views they like.

iphone panorama

Change the direction

There is no denying that IOS always manages to come up with something new and it has not disappointed its fans even now with the latest panorama feature. Before we move on to how you can change the direction, let us go through what panorama feature actually is for those who are unaware. The panorama feature enables you to capture images of inconsistent sceneries and string them in a beautiful single image. It is not at all complicated as most of the work will be done by the app. All you have to do is tap and you will have beautiful images. You might not know but your iPhone that has the panorama feature also has the ability to change the direction. How to do it? The answer is fairly simple. If you look at the feature, you will find that the panorama slider has a large and white arrow on the side. When you will tap it, you will be able to change the direction. The arrow will move over to the right side of the screen giving you the freedom to record from right to left.

Have fun with photography

The new panorama feature allows you to capture all kinds of views just as you like. There are no inhibitions and no barriers; this feature is very handy not to mention simple which means that anybody can use it. You do not have to be n expert at photography to produce the magnificent images as most of the work will be done by this iPhone app. All you have to do is grab the arrow of the panorama slider along with the object till it is in the position you like and you will get a perfect picture. With the full panorama on, you can have a picture of as long as 16 megabytes but your cell phone might reduce the size to accommodate. Have fun clicking pictures with the panorama features and make full use of the ability to change the direction. Ios has made capturing photos even more captivating.

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android apps

Top 5 Android Apps For Business Professionals

The android operating system, since its release in October 22 2008 has become an increasingly popular operating system in the market today. A growing number of developers have been drawn by this popularity and have developed numerous application for the system both for business and for pleasure. The top 5 most used application by business professionals who operate on the Android system are as follows.

  1. Quickoffice: This application is free from Google. Its main purpose is to enable a user to create and edit Microsoft office documents, presentations and spreadsheets on an Android device. Users can sign in with their Google account and have the option to save their work in the Google drive which provides up to 15 GB of free storage space and also provides accessibility of the files from a mobile device or computer. It also enables a user to open and view PDF files and provides the option to attach files to emails if required
  2. OfficeSuite 7: This is a widely popular business application. Its developers are Mobile Systems Inc. It has a normal version which is free and a pro version which costs about $14.99. It is basically an open document viewer that enables users to open, view, share and even print native Microsoft files. It also has been integrated with cloud storage services such as GoogleDrive, DropBox, SkyDrive, Box and SugarSync which provide users with numerous optionsin the management of various files and attachments. It also includes features to make your work easier and exciting like multi-touch support, two-fingers zoom, pop-up menus and context toolbars. It also includes a Bluetooth and email file sharing option. Available in 56 different languages and is a must have for users who normally perform any kind of business on an Android system

3. Mobile Doc Scanner: This is an application developed by Stoik Soft. It has a lite version which is free and a paid version which costs about $4.99. It is an extremely powerful application that enables users to scan any type of document, then convert it into PDF format and share it from the device. The app automatically corrects distortion, detects borders and equalizes brightness at a high speed to create documents which are clear and can be easily read. it also offers a batch shooting mode for extremely fast scanning so that users can scan multiple amount of files within a very short time. It also has uploading features which upload to social networks like Facebook and Twitter, email services or to cloud services like GoogleDocs, DropBox, Box.net.

4. DW Contacts: This is an application developed by DW-P. it has 2 versions, the normal version is free and the pro version costs about $9.80 It enables a user to manage both contacts and phone functions within the in-call widget to write and view notes about the users call, search contacts based on attributes, filter contacts based on groups and configure the whole layout.

5. Boomerang: This is a free email application from android which integrates with Gmail and Google apps only. It mainly features advance functionality like scheduling email for later, response tracking, snoozing emails and others that let you use your Gmail efficiently and lets you stay organized.

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radar detector

Things You Should Know About Radar Detectors

Some of the people think that radar detectors are disadvantageous rather than being useful. But the fact is that it is not so. Radars are very useful in our daily life. It is not only used for the detection of speed of the vehicles but also radar detectors are used by the people for their safety against radar gun error.

radar detector

This helps people in a way that they are been informed by receiving the signal that symbolizes the presence of radar gun, so that they may optimize their speed before crossing a radar gun area. Radarwarner is helpful in many different ways to the different field of people.

How does a radar detector work?

Radar detector works on the basis of its design and quality in detecting the presence of the devices that are been placed for calculating the speed of your vehicle. It may include scanning the frequencies you have been advised to use by traffic rules and presence of light detection and ranging which is abbreviated as LIDAR which are aimed at your license plate, headlight and fog lamps. The radars are preferably used rather than LIDAR, because it give you the alert signal of the presence of devices that will calculate your vehicle speed before  the devices detects your vehicle’s speed. Whereas the laser detectors detects the devices as soon as the laser beam falls on it, but then slowing down can’t help.

No need of using laser detection

As it has already been discussed above that laser detectors are not so fast in detecting the devices that can monitor your vehicle speed than a radar detector. Other than this anti – laser license plates are also available in the market and anti – reflective coating for headlights are available as well, which provides you with some extra time to slow down your vehicle.

Best radar detectors

There are many different radar detectors present in the market. But you should always try to look for the radar detectors with the best features such as 360 degree laser protection, for the removal of fake alarms auto – scan detectors are available, and to remain invisible to police radar detectors stealth is used.

The radar detector test

As no two radars are made equal, or other than any coincidence no two drivers travel on the same road, radars are selected on the basis of some criteria which come up with the customer satisfaction. These are various different criteria such as how the radar performs in the long distance in the hilly areas, how efficiently it detects other radars and lasers in its surrounding, and most importantly how it differentiate itself from the other radar detectors.

Therefore now it may be clear to you that there are different types of radar detectors are available in the market. Radarwarner provides you with the most effective radar detectors with best features. Nowadays radars are getting more advanced from the basic radar detectors to the self – learning radar detectors.

convert video mp3

How To Convert Video To Mp3?

A lot of users prefer to hear music rather than store  whole videos owing to various reasons. The main reason among them is the fact that storing audios is likely to take much less space when you compare it to videos.

Further, when you are working upon something, you can enjoy soft light background music; however, watching a video will require undivided attention. Everyone has their own preference and those who want to store audios need to know that they can use a plethora of different music converters to map the change from videos to audios.

convert video mp3

License: Creative Commons image source

The Simple Steps

When you are looking to convert video to mp3, you need to know that the process is really simple. Merely following the steps is enough to give you the right headstart and you should be able to map the conversion with ease.

Find the Right Software

The first step to converting video files to mp3 is to get the right software that can help you out. There are a lot of different choices that are available; however, it is crucial to ensure that you are picking the best option for you.Free Video To Mp3 Converter

Free video to MP3 converter is one of the top choices as it converts videos to mp3 efficiently. An offering of DVD Video soft, it supports various video formats ranging from .avi to div, divx, mpg, 3gp, 3gpp, flv, f4v, rm and more. This software is known for producing high quality audio as it converts video to lossless audio with high quality output. There are many other software and some of the them are as follows

  • Any audio/video converter
  • All free video to mp3 converter
  • DVD video soft YouTube to MP4 converter
  • MP4 to MP3 converter
  • Modiac mp4 to mp3 audio converter

There are a few software choices that act as a trial version and they will not convert the whole file but simply extract audio for the first minute or so. This is awry and is not going to serve your purpose. Further, you can also find software which will convert the whole file but the audio conversion rate might not be impressive which will lead to production of a file with distorted sound.

Upload the Video

Once the software is installed and ready for running, you can upload the video which you wish to convert to mp3. Remember, you must read the instructions thoroughly. There are different types of details. Some software will require you to insert the URL of the video, while some may have their own library where you need to upload the file. Based upon the detail of the software, upload the video and then hit “convert” button.

Check the Audio Quality

When you have pressed the convert button, you will then be ready to map the conversion. After you have got the final output, you should then hear the audio and determine how efficient it truly is. Analyzing the output of the audio is important because an inefficient audio output is not going to help your case. If the conversion is lossless and there hasn’t been a huge compression, the output is likely to be impressive. Keep an eye on all these points and then pick the best options that you have at hand. With the right software, converting video to mp3is going to be a cakewalk.



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